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Mostly we LOVE… but Sometimes we RANT!

About T & A

We’re Tarrah and Angela, or more appropriately, T & A.  We are two wild and crazy girls living in a lonely world.  Tarrah lives in Los Angeles, and Angela lives in Denver.

We met 13 years ago working in the entertainment industry.  We both branched out on our own, Tarrah starting a live events and PR company, Rocky Woody, Inc., Angela focusing on freelance marketing, PR and writing projects, as well as her personal blog Popsiculture. We’ve been working together steadily since.

We love life, but every once in a while, we have something to rant about.  We decided to start a blog to share our loves and our rants with you!

Some of our loves include:

Wine – T loves Rosé, A loves Cabernet

Coffee – T is just milk, A is milk and two sugars

Tea – T is green, A is black with milk and two sugars

Burritos – T lives next to the best Mexican restaurant with the best burritos.  When we’re together, sometimes we eat them several times in a week.

And we love shoes, but that’s a given.

Welcome to And Now I Love!





We’d love to hear from you!  Tell us what you are passionate about… or suggest topics for us to dive into!

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